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Florida Bass Magazine was founded in 2014 by a group of Tallahassee bass angling enthusiasts. Our mission is to inform and entertain our fellow bass anglers in Florida and around the South.

Florida Bass Magazine was created specifically to help bass anglers of all skill levels become more successful on the water. We are one of the industry’s leading bass magazines. Florida Bass Magazine seeks to provide anglers with the best advice, information and guides on the when, where and how-to of Bass Fishing.

Florida Bass Magazine is Florida’s “Premier Bass Fishing Resource”, offering everything from the latest bass catching secrets to advice from the nations top professional bass tournament anglers like Kevin VanDam and Skeet Reese as well as the legends, like Hank Parker, Bill Dance and Jimmy Houston.

If you want the absolute best bass fishing publication on the market, look no further than Florida Bass Magazine. “The Bass Fishing Authority.”

Affiliated publications

In addition to Florida Bass Magazine, parent company GreenLight Media has several other related outdoors publications under their publishing umbrella.

  • Whitetail Magazine: A magazine dedicated to whitetail hunting, predominantly in the south.
  • FishingKnots.org: An online resource dedicated to angler education, with instructional graphics and videos.
  • Topwater Angler: A fishing magazine dedicated primarily to topwater fishing (currently in development).


The magazine currently offers both free and paid services. Free services include a articles, photo galleries and a monthly newsletter that provides subscribers with current news about everything from local charity contests to the grandaddy of all bass tournaments, the B.A.S.S sponsored Bassmaster Classic.

Paid services include premium website content, and on-demand fishing advice from a captain in your area. Currently the magazine has suspended print publication in favor of a more environmentally-friendly digital format.

What’s Next

Florida Bass Magazine is in talks to sponsor several upcoming local/regional tournaments, as well as negotiating to become the sponsor of one (or more) professional anglers.

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